NFTs and Brands: A Primer on the Tokenized Future

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nft art

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have received a ton of press as of late. This unique blockchain token has driven astronomical prices for digital art, sports cards, a New York Times article and even a set of GIF-tastic NFTs from Charmin that raised money for the nonprofit Direct Relief charity. While the hysteria has calmed around […]


The Importance of an Owned Audience

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owned audience digital marketing

In the world of marketing, professionals often talk about earned media and paid media. While the audiences of each are important to PR professionals and digital marketers respectively, the one initiative that all comms and marketing departments should focus on is cultivating an owned audience. In short, an owned audience is one for which you […]

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Overcoming Failure: Two Insights from Hopper

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Overcoming Failure- Fail Whale Now Winning by YiyingLu

In the world of software development, sure things are often anything but. Doing cursory analysis of a problem and creating a solution without researching what customers want can lead to a major flop. Pantelis Korovilas, head of design at Hopper, experienced this problem firsthand. And to a capacity crowd of product designers and managers at […]


Shopify Shop Class: 5 Takeaways from New Orleans

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When I saw that the closest Shopify Shop Class to San Antonio was in New Orleans, I immediately booked my flight and hotel. After being a merchant on Shopify for the past 3+ years, I knew that I didn’t know enough. And with a growing ecommerce business, the opportunity to learn how to squeeze out […]