Past Projects

When it comes to hiring a digital marketing consultant, past is prologue. Taking a look at some of my past work is one way to better understand the quality and kind of work that I can do for your company. And after you’ve seen the kind of work that I can produce, be sure to email me to set up a conversation of how I can help your business with digital marketing strategy and execution.


Industry: Platform-as-a-service/development services

Challenge: 8base is a fast-growing company and TechStars alum in the “serverless” space that provides a robust platform for programmers to quickly create applications as well as offering professional services for entrepreneurs to work with a developer team to rapidly build and scale applications. 8base was having difficulty in finding the right digital marketer to assist with content strategy and after reading one of my articles their team reached out to me to assist with their efforts.

Solution: After doing a deep dive into 8base’s content strategy and competitor analysis, I suggested a number of pieces that the team should prioritize. 8base then hired me to highlight some of their customer stories.

What the Client Says: “Garrett has been a hugely positive influence on our sales and marketing assets at 8base. He is an excellent writer and customer researcher that’s able to understand complex customer journeys and articular tremendous value through copy and storytelling. We’ve worked with him on multiple projects to date, and cannot wait to get going on many more!” —Sebastian Scholl, Product Manager.

Favorite Work:
+ Funkhaus Case Study
+ Tradeblock Case Study
+ collabtogrow Case Study
+ LeadVolt Case Study


Industry: Software-as-a-service/customer feedback

Challenge: Qualaroo needed assistance with producing thought leadership blog posts and demonstrating expertise through customer case studies.

Solution: I have developed top-quality articles on Qualaroo’s customer- and user-feedback expertise. Further, I have conducted interviews with their customers to create compelling case studies on what makes the Qualaroo user feedback platform unique.

What the Client Says: “Not only is Garrett incredibly brilliant, kind and handsome, he is also a decent content marketer who knows his Tequila. Take it from me, if you want some one to DOMINATE your content strategy in 2019, you call in the Wolf. And the Wolf in this case is Garrett Heath.” —Angela Bartels, VP of Marketing.

Favorite Work:
AWA Digital Case Study
+ Udemy Case Study
+ Guide to Optimizing SaaS Web Copy
3 Ways Online Retailer Missguided Utilizes Consumer Feedback

Rackspace Logo


Industry: B2B technology

Challenge: Does social media marketing work for a B2B tech company? Rackspace needed to understand the role and impact of paid social programs in converting customers through the funnel.

Solution: I demonstrated that social media was vital, even for a B2B technology company, steering the social marketing programs from a nonexistent budget to well over $1MM annually. I implemented conversion pixels to measure program effectiveness, achieving incredible results of sub-$100 cost per prospect for a new managed AWS business unit.

Favorite Work: 
YouCaring Gets Boost From J.J. Watt and Rackspace (I also was a producer on the video with an internal crew)
Rackers Giving Back: How Building a Robot Changed a Life (I also was a producer on the video with Aberdeen Studios)
+ Surviving the Shark Tank Effect
+ Music Behind the Tech Series (I wrote each blog post and was a producer on all videos with Aberdeen Studios)

HelpSocial Tech Company Digital Marketing Client Logo


Industry: Contact center/social media

Challenge: Create a content strategy that positions HelpSocial as experts in integrating social media into the contact center. Keep the company top-of-mind for high-level executives seeking solutions for social media customer service.

Solution: With a steady feed of industry-relevant content, I have developed an authoritative voice for HelpSocial.

Favorite Work:
HelpSocial as a Case Study: Identifying Message Intent
4 Reasons Why the Contact Center Must Be Connected with the Marketing Department
+ Best Practices for Customer Service on Social Media

SA Flavor

Industry: Ecommerce

Challenge: As a seasonal business, SAFlavor needed assistance connecting to previous customers and generating new sales.

Solution: To maintain a relationship with SAFlavor consumers throughout the year, I developed an email strategy, sending twice-weekly messages that engaged the audience with topical information they cared about. When the 2018 season came around, 14% of revenue was directly attributed to the email newsletter. Additionally, through a mixture of paid catalog, conversion and events social media campaigns on Facebook, SAFlavor saw an ROAS of 360%.

Favorite Work:
+ How to Make the Best Fiesta Medal: Guide From Design to Production