Past Projects


Industry: Software-as-a-service/customer feedback

Challenge: Qualaroo needed assistance with producing thought leadership blog posts and demonstrating expertise through customer case studies.

Solution: I have developed top-quality articles on Qualaroo’s customer- and user-feedback expertise. Further, I have conducted interviews with their customers to create compelling case studies on what makes the Qualaroo user feedback platform unique.

Rackspace Logo


Industry: B2B technology

Challenge: Does social media marketing work for a B2B tech company? Rackspace needed to understand the role and impact of paid social programs in converting customers through the funnel.

Solution: I demonstrated that social media was vital, even for a B2B technology company, steering the social marketing programs from a nonexistent budget to well over $1MM annually. I implemented conversion pixels to measure program effectiveness, achieving incredible results of sub-$100 cost per prospect for a new managed AWS business unit.

HelpSocial Tech Company Digital Marketing Client Logo


Industry: Contact center/social media

Challenge: Create a content strategy that positions HelpSocial as experts in integrating social media into the contact center. Keep the company top-of-mind for high-level executives seeking solutions for social media customer service.

Solution: With a steady feed of industry-relevant content, I have developed an authoritative voice for HelpSocial.

SA Flavor

Industry: Ecommerce

Challenge: As a seasonal business, SAFlavor needed assistance connecting to previous customers and generating new sales.

Solution: To maintain a relationship with SAFlavor consumers throughout the year, I developed an email strategy, sending twice-weekly messages that engaged the audience with topical information they cared about. When the 2018 season came around, 14% of revenue was directly attributed to the email newsletter. Additionally, through a mixture of paid catalog, conversion and events social media campaigns on Facebook, SAFlavor saw an ROAS of 360%.