MarketingBytes.io was created by me, Garrett Heath, as a digital marketing consulting firm specifically for technology companies. I have a passion for tech and its potential to change the world and help my clients communicate technical concepts to the market. My specialties are content strategy, content marketing, paid social media marketing and video production, complemented by email nurture and paid search and display marketing. I not only see how all the disciplines work in concert, but have professional experience in making them do so.

I originally started MarketingBytes.io as a blog to provide companies and practitioners with proven, valuable, real-world information on digital marketing tactics.

I hold a master’s degree in engineering but had a career change at the end of 2011 that led me to a content marketing role at Rackspace, the no. 1 managed cloud provider. Since that time, I have held roles at Rackspace as a social media marketer and strategist while also growing an ecommerce company. This unique combination of tech savviness and creativity has enabled me to be a highly successful digital marketing professional in tech.

As a content marketer, I led a team of contract writers from Contently, frequently contributed to the Rackspace blog and other leading sites, helped produce hundreds of videos and oversaw the production of other visual elements, such as infographics and animated features.

In 2014, I moved to Rackspace’s social media team to help lead the paid social efforts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I evangelized modern digital marketing practices in an environment that was satisfied with simple search and display and helped grow the budget from practically nothing to $1MM+ per year. MarketingBytes.io was started in 2016 to help share some of the knowledge that I accumulated in my professional role.

During this time, I began building a successful ecommerce business based on this digital marketing experience, driving revenue to over a quarter of a million dollars in just a few years. This business also gives back to the San Antonio community and has donated over $40,000 to local nonprofit organizations.

None of this would have been possible without exceptional digital marketing strategy and execution.

In February of 2018, I left Rackspace and began a digital marketing consulting firm specializing in content, social and paid marketing efforts. I am actively growing and mentoring a team of passionate individuals who want to do digital marketing right and am on a mission to dispel a lot of the fluff and myths that persist in this field.