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Overcoming Failure: Two Insights from Hopper

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Overcoming Failure- Fail Whale Now Winning by YiyingLu

In the world of software development, sure things are often anything but. Doing cursory analysis of a problem and creating a solution without researching what customers want can lead to a major flop. Pantelis Korovilas, head of design at Hopper, experienced this problem firsthand. And to a capacity crowd of product designers and managers at […]


Why It’s So Difficult to Hire a Digital Marketing Manager

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Unicorns Digital Marketing Managers

When it comes to tech companies, the jobs that come up as being tough to fill are often developer roles. That job is uniquely challenging and demands someone both highly technical and creative at solving problems. But there is another role that is becoming increasingly hard to fill: the digital marketing manager. In fact, former […]