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Voluntary Brand Spokesmen: Why Do We Wear Logos? Brown Bag #5

Have you ever wondered why you wear clothing that features a logo or a brand? This was something that was on my mind as I started dressing my first child in clothes with marks from Whataburger, Nike, Star Wars and the San Antonio Spurs.

While it may be clear for brands like Gucci and Prada that indicate “status,” why do people buy shirts that feature a logo from a fast food restaurant or a local coffee shop? Or why do people plaster the back of their car with a YETI or white Apple sticker? In other words, what causes someone to love a brand so much that they voluntarily—and prominently—display its logo in their life?

Artist/Designer/Screenprinter/Co-owner Ryan Burkhart of Kong Screenprinting (a full service design and print shop in Austin, TX) came in to talk about this phenomenon in the latest Marketing Brown Bag. In addition to all those roles, he’s also a former Art History college professor and is uniquely positioned to answer this question. But don’t worry, this video isn’t boring like your freshman Art History 101 course—I promise.

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