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Single Social Image Size Spec: One Image to Rule Them All

One Image to Rule Them All

Visual is the new headline. That’s what my friends over at LinkedIn tell me. But with so many different social platforms and image requirements, it’s hard to know if your social image size will look good across the social web.

But rest easy my friend—I crunched the numbers with my trusty HP 32sII calculator and found the perfect image spec that will work across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. And now technically even Instagram since they allow landscape images. You can read the full post I made over on the Rackspace blog, but the spoiler alert is that image dimensions are: 1600 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall with a 10% “gutter” of non essential elements on the left and right borders.

See what I mean by “gutter”? It’s not white space but just non-essential elements.
See what I mean by “gutter”? It’s not white space but just non-essential elements.

And really the 1600/800 numbers are a little arbitrary—they were created to make sure that the graphic would look good on retina devices without pegging out the social media platforms size limits. The real rule of thumb is to make a 2:1 ratio with a 10% “gutter.”

That’s it.


Again, if you don’t believe me, check out the full post on the to see examples of how the image will look across the platforms. And you can thank me later for simplifying your life.

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